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Bird Podcasts: An Enriching Journey into the World of Birds


Podcasts have seen an unprecedented rise in popularity in recent years. They cater to a multitude of interests, and bird lovers are no exception. Bird podcasts are a great way to gain insights into the enchanting world of our feathery friends, offering exciting content for seasoned birders and new enthusiasts alike. We’ve curated a list of some of the best bird podcasts to tune into.

1. American Birding Podcast

Hosted by Nate Swick from the American Birding Association, this podcast serves as an excellent source of birding stories, interviews with birders and scientists, and engaging tales of conservation. Don’t miss the episode “What’s In a Common Name?” aired on December 14, 2017.

2. Birdchick Podcast

Sharon Stiteler (Birdchick) and her husband, Non-Birding Bill, offer fascinating conversations around the surprising intersections of birds and pop culture. The recommended episode to tune in to is “Birdchick Podcast #205 – Necrophilia, Jobs, and John Hamm” from March 1, 2016.

3. BirdNote

A daily podcast that brings vivid, sound-rich stories about birds and their challenges. Each episode is approximately 2 minutes long. The recommended episode is “Hakalau Forest National Refuge, with Jack Jeffrey,” aired on February 24, 2018.

4. Bird Podcast with Shoba Narayan

This India-based podcast hosted by Shoba Narayan provides an international perspective on birding. Shoba interviews Indian birders, American scientists, and discusses conservation efforts and birding destinations. “Shashank Dalvi’s ‘Big Year of Birding’ Across India” from May 4, 2017, is a must-listen episode.

5. Field Guides

Join hosts Bill and Steve, two nature enthusiasts from New York, as they share their experiences and knowledge from their quests in the wild. The recommended episode to tune in to is “Ep. 25 – The Eastern Screech-owl” from February 2, 2018.

6. Grumpy Old Birder

Hosted by Brit Bo Beolens (FatBirder), this podcast is a collection of rants, anecdotes, and stories about birds, birding, and nature, each episode being around 5 minutes long. Don’t miss the episode “GOB 99 – Tree Huggers and Tree Muggers” aired on January 6, 2018.

7. Laura Erickson’s For The Birds

Laura Erickson, a teacher, biologist, wildlife rehabilitator, and author, shares stories of birds from around Minnesota and the country in this weekly podcast. The recommended episode is “Eagles and Tennyson’s Poem,” aired on November 19, 1986.

8. Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds

This weekly podcast hosted by Ray Brown features a mix of birding adventures and information. The recommended episode is “#664 – The beautiful Red-shouldered Hawk and more.” from February 18, 2018.

9. This Birding Life

Hosted by Bill Thompson III, this flagship podcast of Bird Watcher’s Digest covers news and conversations with famous birders and scientists. Tune into “Episode 76: Noah Strycker’s World Big Year” aired on January 24, 2018.

10. Poultry Slam

This annual holiday series produced by “This American Life” presents stories involving fowl in various situations. The recommended episode is “Poultry Slam 2007: Still Life with Chicken” from November 23, 2007.

Bird lovers have an array of podcast options to choose from, catering to different tastes and interests. Each podcast offers a unique perspective on birds, birding, and conservation. The world of birding is vast and incredibly diverse. These podcasts offer a way for enthusiasts to stay informed, entertained, and engaged, all while learning more about the fascinating world of birds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long are the episodes of the American Birding Podcast?

The American Birding Podcast usually has episodes that are approximately 47 minutes long.

Q2: How often are new episodes of BirdNote released?

BirdNote releases new episodes daily, each about 2 minutes long, offering rich and captivating stories about various bird species.

Q3: What is the unique aspect of the Bird Podcast with Shoba Narayan?

The Bird Podcast with Shoba Narayan provides an international perspective, particularly focusing on Indian birders, American scientists, conservation efforts, and birding destinations.

Q4: Who hosts the Laura Erickson’s For The Birds podcast?

Laura Erickson’s For The Birds podcast is hosted by Laura Erickson, who is a teacher, biologist, wildlife rehabilitator, and author. She shares stories of Minnesota and birds from around the country.

Q5: Are there any podcasts that focus on birding in pop culture?

Yes, the Birdchick Podcast hosted by Sharon Stiteler and her husband, Non-Birding Bill, provides an interesting look at the surprising intersections of birding and pop culture.


Bird watching or birding has captured the fascination of millions around the world. For those who love the avian world, birding podcasts offer a wonderful way to engage with this interest. Each podcast in our list offers unique insights into bird species, bird behavior, conservation efforts, personal birding experiences, and much more. From quick two-minute snippets to in-depth hour-long discussions, there’s something for everyone. Whether you are an experienced birder or someone interested in starting this fascinating hobby, these podcasts are a treasure trove of information and stories that can deepen your appreciation for the marvelous world of birds. Tune in to these birding podcasts and let the exploration begin!

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