How To Cheat Flappy Birds

How To Cheat Flappy Birds


In the realm of deceptively challenging mobile games, Flappy Bird reigns supreme. Its hair-pulling difficulty often tempts players into seeking shortcuts and cheats to rack up high scores. This guide, “How To Cheat Flappy Birds,” offers a myriad of tricks and game modifications to give you an edge. However, remember, while these cheats might offer instant victory, they could potentially overshadow the genuine thrill of mastering the game. Now, let’s venture into the thrilling world of Flappy Bird cheats.

Android Cheats for Flappy Bird

Adjusting Your High Score

For those with a rooted Android device, there’s a way to modify your Flappy Bird high score record by editing the game files:

  1. Play the game to know your current high score.
  2. Use a file management program like ES File Manager and navigate to the data folder of the Flappy Bird application (com.dotgears.flappybird).
  3. Open the shared_prefs folder, and then the FlappyBird.xml file.
  4. Find the line of code: <int name="score" value="1" />.
  5. Change the value to your desired high score and save the changes.
  6. The next time you play the game, your modified high score will be displayed.

Finding and Sticking to Your Best Spot

Select a spot on the screen, such as the bottom right corner, and use it consistently for tapping. This will help you get used to the spot and avoid obscuring the game with your fingers. You could also use a stylus for better visibility.

Consider Using a Tablet

If you own a tablet, use it for playing Flappy Bird instead of a phone. Tablets offer a larger screen, providing better results and scores.

Timing Your Taps

Since there’s no way to hack the game, the key is to practice and time your taps. Tap quickly and with regular intervals to maneuver the bird through the pipes without touching them.

Practice and Improve

Work on your tapping skills and timing by practicing regularly. Learn to recover after rises and dips by double-tapping up and pausing down quickly.

Disable Notifications and Sounds

To maintain focused attention on the game, disable notifications and turn off the sound. External distractions can lead to mistimed taps and mistakes.

Close Other Apps

Before playing Flappy Bird, try closing other apps or even rebooting your device. This can make the game smoother and reduce annoying behavior.

Stay Calm

Don’t let the game frustrate you. Stay calm and relaxed, as stressing out will likely result in wrong taps and poor performance.

More Advanced Cheats for Flappy Bird

While the above cheats require manual effort, the ones listed below take it a step further by modifying game codes, installing modded versions, and using bots. However, these methods could lead to various risks including game instability, legal issues, and exposure to malware.

Freezing Pipes and More with Cheat Codes

There are cheat codes available that can freeze the pipes in place or enable slow motion for better control and timing. You can also unlock all levels using cheat codes or use coin multiplier cheat codes to quickly amass coins.

Modded and Hacked Versions

You can install a modded version of the game that disables collision with pipes or even allows infinite lives. There are also hacks that let you skip levels and unlock bonuses. However, remember that these can cause instability in your game.

Using Bots and Automated Scripts

Bots and automated scripts can control the bird’s movements, and there are even screen tapping bots that automatically tap the screen for you. There are also apps that allow you to slow down time and freeze your bird in mid-air.

Cheat Apps and Guides

Some cheat apps remove obstacles from the game entirely, and there are also apps that offer guides and walkthroughs to help you overcome tough levels.

Using an Emulator for Better Control

An emulator on a larger screen can provide better visibility and control, especially if you find playing on a small phone screen difficult.

Customizing Game Files for Improved Performance

You can tweak gaming performance by customizing game files, such as adjusting gravity, pipe gaps, bird speed, and more. You can also manipulate the score using mods or code alteration tools to achieve high scores quickly.

Risks of Cheating

While cheating can get you high scores quickly, it may also lead to losing interest in the game, account suspensions, bugs and glitches, loss of credibility, exposure to malware and viruses, and legal issues. Always remember to play responsibly and enjoy the process of improving your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I play Flappy Bird on a tablet for better control?

Yes, playing Flappy Bird on a tablet rather than a phone can provide a larger screen space for your hands, making it easier to discern details and reducing the chance of your finger obstructing your view.

What is the benefit of using a stylus in Flappy Bird?

Using a stylus may give you even more control over the bird’s movements and allows for better visibility as your finger won’t be obstructing the screen.

How can I improve my timing in Flappy Bird?

Practicing consistently will help you improve your timing in Flappy Bird. Try to keep the bird as level as possible while navigating through the pipes. Consistent and precise tapping is key.

Are there any risks associated with using cheats in Flappy Bird?

Yes, while cheating can quickly get you high scores, it also carries risks including game instability, potential exposure to malware, account suspension, and even legal issues. Cheating can also diminish the enjoyment and challenge of the game.


Achieving a high score in Flappy Bird is a matter of patience, practice, and perfecting your tapping strategy. However, for those looking for a shortcut, there are cheats and tricks that you can use. From simple game play hacks like choosing your tap spot wisely and playing on a larger screen, to more complex methods like modifying game files and using bots, there’s a cheat for everyone. But remember, while these cheats can be fun and may result in high scores, they come with potential risks such as game instability and legal issues. Hence, play responsibly, respect the game developers, and most importantly, enjoy the process of improving your skills.

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