How to Keep Birds Away from Dog Food and Water


Feeding your dog outside has its perks, but it also comes with a common challenge: uninvited birds swooping down for a meal. These winged intruders not only steal your dog’s food but can also contaminate it. So, how do you keep these unwelcome guests away? This guide offers effective strategies to safeguard your dog’s food and water from avian interlopers, ensuring peaceful and sanitary meal times for your pet.

Raising a Dummy Predator

One effective method is to create a scarecrow-like figure using predator dummies such as a fake owl, large rubber snake, or cat. Place these near your dog’s food and water bowl to deter birds from approaching. Remember to periodically move these figures around to maintain their effectiveness.

Establishing a Proper Feeding Schedule

By establishing a regular feeding schedule and practicing portion control for your dog’s food, you ensure there are no leftovers that could attract birds. Remove the bowl once your dog is done eating to avoid any lingering food.

Using Enclosures

Birds are less likely to approach your dog’s food and water if it’s placed in a confined area. Enclosed spaces like a fenced patio, kennel, or even a picnic table pushed against a wall can work well in deterring birds.

Utilizing an Automatic Dog Feeder

Automatic dog feeders are an effective way to manage your dog’s meal times. They dispense a set portion of food either on a schedule or with a button push, minimizing the chances of leftovers.

Creating a Predator Bird Ambiance

Soundscapes featuring eagle and falcon sounds can be useful in scaring away potential scavengers, including birds. This approach works on the instinctual fear many birds have of larger predatory birds.

Feeding Birds Separately

If there are many birds in your area, consider setting up a separate feeding area with cheaper feed. This tactic can divert their attention away from your dog’s food and water.

Feeding Your Dog Indoors

If possible, feed your dog indoors. This ensures your dog’s food and water are not contaminated by bird droppings, and it eliminates the attraction for birds entirely.

Using Additional Deterrents

Consider hanging wind chimes around the feeding area. The noise and movement can deter birds. Also, invest in bird deterrents like realistic predator decoys, shiny or reflective objects, and bird-repellent sprays. Remember to change or move these objects occasionally to maintain effectiveness.

Feeding in a Covered Area

If feeding indoors isn’t possible, choose a covered porch or deck, or even set up a canopy or small shade tent to feed your dog. This makes it less accessible to birds.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively keep birds away from your dog’s food and water, ensuring your pet can enjoy their meals in peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will hanging CDs around deter birds from approaching the dog’s food?

Yes, hanging CDs or any shiny, reflective objects can deter birds as the light reflections can confuse and scare them off.

Q2: Can birds cause harm to my dog?

Birds themselves are unlikely to harm your dog directly, but their droppings can contaminate your dog’s food and water, leading to possible health issues.

Q3: Is it safe to use bird repellent sprays near my dog’s food?

While bird repellent sprays can be effective in deterring birds, it’s crucial to ensure they are safe for dogs. Always check the product label and consult with a vet if you’re uncertain.

Q4: Do wind chimes scare off all types of birds?

Not all birds may be deterred by wind chimes. However, the movement and noise of the chimes can be disconcerting for many birds, making them less likely to approach your dog’s feeding area.

Q5: What should I do if birds continue to steal my dog’s food despite all the deterrents?

If all else fails, consider feeding your dog indoors where it would be much harder for birds to access the food. If indoor feeding is not an option, you could also use a dog crate or a fenced area for feeding.


Birds can pose a nuisance when it comes to feeding your dog outdoors. However, by employing strategies such as using dummy predators, setting up enclosures, establishing a proper feeding schedule, and creating a separate feeding area for the birds, you can effectively keep them away from your dog’s food and water. Remember, the goal is not only to deter the birds but also to ensure your pet can enjoy their meals undisturbed. These steps not only protect your dog’s meal but also keep the birds safe from potential harm.

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