How To Keep Chickens Off My Porch

How To Keep Chickens Off My Porch


Having chickens wandering onto your porch can be a nuisance, causing damage and leaving behind unwanted mess. Fortunately, there are several effective methods you can employ to keep chickens away from your porch area. In this post, we will explore various strategies, from creating deterrents to implementing physical barriers, ensuring that your porch remains free from chicken invasions. Whether you’re dealing with your own chickens or neighborhood fowl, these tips will help you reclaim your porch as a chicken-free zone.

Strategies to Keep Chickens Off Your Porch

1. Give Your Chickens Higher Perches

By providing higher perches in other areas of your yard, you can discourage chickens from roosting on your porch railing. Install elevated perches or sturdy branches that are more appealing to chickens as alternative roosting spots.

2. Use Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Set up motion-activated sprinklers around your porch area. When the sensors detect the presence of chickens, the sprinklers will spray water, teaching the chickens to stay away from the porch. This method is effective and safe for both chickens and humans.

3. Use Spices or Herbs

Chickens are sensitive to certain smells, so strategically placing spices or herbs near the perimeter of your porch can deter them. Packets of cayenne pepper, chili powder, or garlic cloves can be effective repellents. Alternatively, consider growing plants like lavender, marigolds, or mint, which have strong smells that chickens dislike.

4. Distract Your Chickens With Bare Soil

Create a designated digging area in your yard for the chickens. This diversionary tactic will attract them to the designated area, keeping them away from your porch flower beds and other restricted areas.

5. Use Another Animal

Introducing a dog or cat to your household can help deter chickens from approaching your porch. The presence of a predator-like animal will make the chickens wary and less likely to venture near your porch.

6. Fence Off Your Patio, Deck, or Porch

Installing sturdy fencing around your porch area will prevent chickens from easily accessing it. Ensure that the fence material is strong enough to withstand attempts by chickens to bend or break it, effectively creating a physical barrier.

7. Repel Them With Citrus Slices

Chickens have an aversion to citrus scents. Scatter orange or lemon slices around the perimeter of your porch to naturally repel chickens from approaching.

8. Keep Them Out With Vinegar

Create a vinegar spray by mixing equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Apply this mixture in areas where you don’t want chickens to gather, such as the edges of porch steps or ledges near windows. The strong smell of vinegar will discourage chickens from congregating in those areas.

9. Relocate Your Chicken Coop

To prevent chickens from expanding their territory to your porch, ensure that your chicken coop is positioned as far away as possible. By providing ample foraging space away from the porch, chickens will be less inclined to venture onto it.

10. Keep the Chicken Feed Away from Your Porch

Chickens associate the person who provides them with food and the location where it is provided. If the feeding spot is near your porch, chickens will congregate around it. Relocate the chicken feed to an area far away from the porch, such as a shed. Scatter some feed around the shed consistently to train the chickens to associate the shed with food.

11. Make Your Porch a Scary Place to Be

Chickens perceive porches as safe spaces due to their sheltered and raised nature. Make your porch less inviting by using decoys that resemble predators like hawks and owls. Mechanical decoys with motion detectors that activate sound or movement are particularly effective. Periodically moving these decoys around will help maintain their effectiveness.

12. Create a Water Barrier to Protect Your Porch

Position a motion-activated sprinkler at the base of your porch steps. When a chicken approaches, the sprinkler will spray a jet of water, keeping the chickens at bay. Consistently using the sprinkler for a couple of weeks will train the chickens to stay off the porch. Note that the sprinklers cannot differentiate between chickens and people, so exercise caution when using the porch steps.

13. Thin Your Flock

If chickens continue to wander into restricted areas, consider reducing the number of chickens you have. By decreasing the flock size, you minimize territorial conflicts and the likelihood of chickens seeking refuge on your porch or in your garden.

14. Feed Your Chickens Away From the Porch

Instead of throwing chicken feed near the porch, establish a new feeding area away from the porch. Walk a distance away and start feeding there. This conditions the chickens to associate the new feeding area with food, keeping them away from the porch.

15. Use Fake Predators

Place plastic owls or snakes on your porch to scare chickens away. Moving these decoys around periodically will help maintain their effectiveness, as the chickens will not become accustomed to their presence.

16. Give Your Chickens Higher Perches

Provide additional perching options for your chickens near their coop using 2″ x 2″ boards placed between sawhorses. This gives them a sense of security and a chance to exercise, reducing their inclination to venture onto your porch.

17. Use Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Install motion-activated sprinklers specifically designed to deter chickens from approaching your porch. Products like the Hoont Cobra Yard and Garden Water Blaster Repellent can be effective in surprising chickens with harmless bursts of water, discouraging them from returning.

18. Use Spices or Herbs

Plant herbs like borage, catnip, lavender, marjoram, marigold, rosemary, and yarrow around your garden and flower beds. Chickens tend to avoid these plants due to their scents, helping to keep them away from your garden and, consequently, your porch.

19. Distract Your Chickens With Bare Soil

Clear a small area of your yard, leaving bare soil for your chickens to hunt for insects and take dust baths. Providing this designated area will encourage the chickens to stay in that location instead of venturing onto your porch.

20. Use Fencing

If all else fails, consider using fencing as a last resort to keep chickens off your porch. Chicken wire netting can create a barrier, and electric fences, such as the Premier 1 Supplies PoultryNet Electric Fence, can provide both chicken repellent and predator protection.


1. Why do chickens roost on porches?

Chickens may be attracted to porches due to the elevated and sheltered nature of these areas. They provide a sense of security and protection, making them appealing to chickens seeking roosting spots.

2. Are there any health or safety concerns associated with chickens on porches?

While chickens themselves are generally harmless, their presence on porches can lead to unsightly droppings, damage to plants and furniture, and potential slip hazards. Additionally, chickens may carry parasites or diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

3. How much space do chickens need?

Each chicken requires approximately 10 square feet of foraging space. Providing ample space for your chickens away from the porch will reduce their inclination to venture onto the porch.


With the strategies outlined in this post, you can effectively keep chickens off your porch and reclaim your outdoor space. Whether you opt for creating deterrents, implementing physical barriers, or a combination of both, remember to be consistent and persistent in your approach. Each method may require some trial and error to find the most effective solution for your specific situation. By taking the necessary steps to discourage chickens from accessing your porch, you can enjoy a cleaner, more peaceful outdoor environment.

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