what are the feathers for in angry birds

What Are The Feathers For In Angry Birds


In the popular mobile game Angry Birds, each colorful feather represents more than a symbol of triumph—it signifies strategic gameplay and the unique capabilities of our feathered heroes. But what are the feathers truly for, and how do they influence your game? This article delves into the crucial role of these vibrant feathers in Angry Birds, exploring how they serve as progress markers, power-ups, and a testament to your tactical expertise. Let’s unravel the intriguing function of feathers and discover how they can elevate your gameplay experience.

Feathers: The Rewards Of Victories In The Star Cup

Feathers in Angry Birds aren’t just colorful accessories. They’re also a measure of achievement and progress. Earning these feathers usually involves completing levels successfully and with precision, often requiring strategic gameplay and a keen understanding of the birds’ abilities. Not only do these feathers mark a player’s progress, but they’re also used for leveling up your birds in the game.

The Impact Of The Bird’s Level On The Score Multiplier

Every bird’s level affects the score multiplier within the Star Cup levels. This score multiplier, however, doesn’t impact regular tournament levels. As such, collecting feathers and leveling up your birds primarily benefits your performance within the Star Cup.

Types Of Feathers In Angry Birds

Mighty Eagle’s Feather

This feather can be earned by playing various versions of Angry Birds, including the original game, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Friends. After successfully completing a level using the Mighty Eagle option, players are rewarded with this feather.

Mighty Dragon’s Red Koi Fish

In the Angry Birds Seasons episode “Year of the Dragon,” players can earn the Red Koi Fish instead of the Mighty Eagle’s Feather. This is achieved when using the Mighty Dragon, an option available for free to all players using iOS, Android, and Symbian.

Space Eagle’s Feather

The Space Eagle’s Feather is another type of reward, earned by using the Space Eagle’s special ability in Angry Birds Space.

Feather Display

After you earn a feather, it will appear on the level selection screen. This indicates that you’ve completed the level with 100% “Total Destruction” after using the Mighty Eagle, Mighty Dragon, or Space Eagle.

Achievements And Feathers

In the Apple Game Center, players can earn achievements by collecting feathers in the Angry Birds games. The achievements and corresponding points are as follows:

  • For Angry Birds:
    • Feather Picker: 50 feathers earned, 10 Points
    • Feather Collector: 100 feathers earned, 20 Points
    • Feather Gatherer: 200 feathers earned, 30 Points
  • For Angry Birds Seasons and Rio:
    • Feather Picker: Earn 30 feathers, 10 Points
    • Feather Collector: Earn 60 feathers, 20 Points
    • Feather Gatherer: Earn 120 feathers, 30 Points

These achievements not only serve as a testament to your progress in the game but also motivate players to continue collecting feathers and reaching new heights in Angry Birds.

Unique Abilities Of The Birds Through Feathers

In Angry Birds, each bird possesses unique abilities represented by distinct feathers. The Red Bird, for instance, is made more robust and faster by red feathers, while the yellow feathers turn Chuck Yellow into an unstoppable power machine. Similarly, black feathers enable Bomb Bird to create a massive explosion upon hitting its target, while green feathers aid the Boomerang Bird in hitting multiple targets after boomeranging back.

The Golden Eggs And The Feathers

Apart from feathers, players can also collect golden eggs hidden throughout the game. These eggs unlock secret levels and Easter eggs referencing popular culture. Much like the feathers, these golden eggs provide additional depth and complexity to the gameplay, making the Angry Birds experience even more engaging and entertaining.

Feathers As A Marker Of Retries

Feathers also signify the number of times a player can retry a level without having to start over completely. As players progress through the game, feathers become increasingly harder to obtain, thereby adding an additional layer of challenge and strategy. Strategic utilization of feathers can thus give players an edge in the game, helping them progress without the need for frequent restarts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the purpose of feathers in Angry Birds?

In Angry Birds, feathers serve multiple purposes. They are used as a measure of achievement and progress, provide special abilities to the birds, and can be used to level up your birds in the game.

2. How can I earn feathers in Angry Birds?

Feathers can be earned by successfully completing levels in the game. In certain versions of Angry Birds, using the Mighty Eagle, Mighty Dragon, or Space Eagle options can also yield feathers as rewards.

3. What are the different types of feathers in Angry Birds?

Angry Birds features several types of feathers, each associated with a specific bird. Some examples include the Mighty Eagle’s Feather, the Mighty Dragon’s Red Koi Fish, and the Space Eagle’s Feather.

4. What are the achievements associated with collecting feathers?

Collecting feathers can unlock several achievements in the Apple Game Center. These include Feather Picker, Feather Collector, and Feather Gatherer, each associated with a different number of collected feathers and corresponding points.

5. Can I trade feathers with other players?

No, feathers are not tradable between players. They serve as personal symbols of achievement for each individual player.


Angry Birds has captivated millions of players worldwide with its captivating graphics, engaging gameplay, and a unique mix of strategy and fun. A crucial element of this game is the feathers, which are not just decorative elements but markers of achievement and progress, enhancing gameplay and providing each bird with unique abilities. Understanding the significance and utilization of these feathers can significantly improve your Angry Birds experience, making the game even more engaging and enjoyable. As you navigate the vibrant world of Angry Birds, remember that each feather you earn is a symbol of your skill, strategy, and success in the game. Happy gaming!

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