Can Chickens Sleep Outside

When Can Chickens Sleep Outside


Many backyard chicken keepers often find their flocks sleeping outside the coop, which raises concerns about their safety, health, and well-being. Is it safe for them to be out in the open? What are the potential risks?

Can Chickens Sleep Outside The Coop?

Yes, backyard chicken breeds can sleep outside. However, allowing them to do so is not recommended due to the potential risks from predators and adverse weather conditions. Some breeds are hardy enough to withstand cold temperatures and may even roost in trees. Yet, on the other end, rescue broiler hens might require extra care and shelter.

Reasons for Keeping Chickens in Coops

  1. Legal Restrictions: Local laws and ordinances often mandate the use of chicken coops.
  2. Safety: The primary purpose of coops is to protect chickens from a myriad of predators.
  3. Egg Collection: Coops equipped with nesting boxes make the egg collection process significantly easier.

Predators to Consider

Every locale has its set of predators. Common chicken adversaries include coyotes, foxes, raccoons, among others. It’s of paramount importance to consider these local predators when deciding whether chickens should sleep outside.

Advantages of Chickens Sleeping in Coops

  • Coops provide unparalleled security against predators.
  • Sleeping within the coop allows for regular interaction with the chickens, making it easier to inspect them before bedtime.

Sleeping Outside in Different Weather Conditions

Cold Weather

Chickens can indeed sleep outside if they’re fully grown and possess a full set of feathers. Some cold-hardy breeds can even handle lower temperatures. However, ensuring dry areas is crucial to prevent cold-related health issues. Chickens with larger combs and wattles are more susceptible to frostbite.

Cold Hardy Chicken Breeds:

  • Dominiques
  • Plymouth Rocks
  • Wyandottes

Hot Weather

During the height of summer, coops can become excessively hot, putting chickens at risk of heatstroke. Ensuring proper ventilation and providing adequate shade becomes crucial to prevent such heat-related complications.

Training Chickens to Sleep in the Coop

If you observe your chickens wanting to sleep outside the coop, remember that traditionally, chickens were kept inside coops primarily for protection from predators. While their wild counterparts might opt for tree roosts, should backyard flocks do the same?

The challenges of outdoor roosting include ensuring safety, managing exposure to the elements, handling manure, and combating external parasites. Chickens are undeniably safer from wind, rain, and predators when housed within a coop.

Training involves a step-by-step guide that focuses on:

  • Encouraging the chickens to go into the coop at sunset.
  • Utilizing treats and positive reinforcement.

Factors Affecting Outdoor Sleeping

  1. Cold Hardiness: Some breeds can tolerate colder conditions better.
  2. Comb Size: Chickens with larger combs are more at risk of frostbite.
  3. Temperature & Weather: Extreme conditions can be harmful.
  4. Predators: The presence of predators can make outdoor sleeping risky.
  5. Coop Setup: The conditions of the coop, including issues like red mite infestations, can affect where chickens choose to sleep.
  6. Light & Noise: Darkness is vital for chickens to sleep well; excessive light and noise can disrupt their rest.


Q1: At what age can chicks start sleeping outside?
A: The ideal age for chicks to sleep outside is around 4 weeks. However, it’s crucial to introduce them gradually to outdoor sleeping and ensure they’re fully feathered and can regulate their body temperature.

Q2: Why is my chicken sleeping outside the coop?
A: Chickens might sleep outside due to discomfort, overcrowding, or unfavorable conditions in the coop. It’s essential to address these issues to encourage indoor sleeping.

Q3: Can chickens handle cold weather outside?
A: Some breeds, like Dominiques, Plymouth Rocks, and Wyandottes, are cold-hardy and can tolerate lower temperatures, especially if they’re fully grown and feathered. However, dry areas are vital to avoid cold-related health issues like frostbite.

Q4: Are there risks associated with chickens sleeping outside during hot weather?
A: Yes, coops can become overly hot in the summertime, leading to heatstroke in chickens. If they sleep outside, ensuring proper ventilation and shade is crucial.

Q5: How can I train my chickens to sleep inside the coop?
A: Gradual training that involves encouraging them to go inside at sunset, using treats and positive reinforcement, can be effective.

Q6: Why is darkness important for chickens?
A: Chickens require darkness for a good night’s sleep. Excessive light, especially artificial light for prolonged periods, can disrupt their natural sleep-wake cycles and overall health.

Q7: Are there any risks of chickens sleeping on the ground?
A: Sleeping on the ground may be suitable for specific breeds. However, it’s more exposed to predators and may lead to potential health issues if the area is damp or dirty.

Q8: What if my chickens are on the coop roof?
A: Chickens roosting on the coop roof might be indicating pecking order issues or trying to escape overcrowding. Addressing coop conditions can resolve this.

Q9: Why is it important for chickens to sleep together?
A: Chickens prefer sleeping together for safety, warmth, and company. It’s a natural behavior that provides comfort and protection.


Keeping chickens is a delightful experience, providing both fresh eggs and an opportunity to observe and interact with these fascinating creatures. However, their well-being and safety should be paramount. While the idea of chickens roosting under the stars might seem idyllic, the reality encompasses various factors, from the threat of predators to the vagaries of weather. By being informed and attentive to your flock’s needs and behaviors, you can ensure they have the best of both worlds: the freedom to explore during the day and the safety of a secure coop at night. Remember, a happy chicken is a healthy chicken!

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